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    • Obtaining title insurance and full title searches.
    • Review of all documentation for correctness and accuracy.
    • Real estate settlements for both purchases and refinancing.
    • Aid for developers engaged in commercial and residential real estate development.
    • Landlord / tenant disputes.
    At the offices of Ferguson Law Associates, we handle Title Insurance, Title Searches, and all post-closing matters. With any purchase of property, it's important you acquire clear title to the real estate you are buying.  By providing a thorough Title Search, we are able to inform you of existing rights and liens that may threaten your possession and title to the property. In addition to the Title Search, Title Insurance provides you with important protection against any unforeseen claims.  Should a claim be made, title insurance protects you by providing for the defense of your title.  Important Title Insurance facts include:
    • An owner's policy of Title Insurance is a one-time only cost.  The original premium provides insurance to you as the owner as long as you own the property.
    • Title Insurance Rates are based on the purchase price of the property, or the loan amount when refinancing.
    In addition to providing title search and title insurance, our Real Estate Closing services include obtaining and preparing all documents required for closing and ensuring all liens are satisfied. You can count on us to take your real estate closing from A to Z with confidence.
    At Ferguson Law Associates we can also help with any legal issues relating to tenant / landlord disputes, the preparation of sales and lease agreements, commercial real estate transactions, eminent domain/condemnation, and more.

    The Real Estate Law Experience You Deserve

    Attorney Terrance C. Ferguson, Esquire, serves as our firm's resident authority in matters pertaining to Real Estate Law.  Mr. Ferguson is a current member of the Lawyers Abstract Company of Westmoreland County, as well as a past President and a past member of its Board of Directors. 

    Mr. Ferguson has been honored by the Lawyers Abstract Company of Westmoreland County as being a top-producing Attorney beginning in 2003.  He serves as General Counsel for Commercial Bank & Trust of PA and prominent clients include Arnold Palmer, Palmer Place Development Co., L.P., Arnold Palmer Properties, L.P., A.P.M. Realty, L.P., and Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve.